The future of OOH with LIVE BOARD


Issues for traditional OOH

These issues have been a concern for advertisers using OOH ads. The advertising has long been centered on the purchase of a space for a certain period of time or on the sale of a guaranteed number of plays.
LIVE BOARD handles operational advertising, also known as “programmatic OOH.” This gives the advertiser maximum control of the period and amount of time that ads are posted. Our OOH ads are more efficient and effective than ever before.


Features of LIVE BOARD ads that will determine the future of OOH

Feature 1
Enables advertisers one-stop purchase of digital OOH ads installed in a variety of outdoor and indoor environments

Advertisers can buy a variety of digital OOH ad spaces in bulk and for any length of time, not only of our own media, but also of existing indoor, outdoor, and transit media. Our solution offers centralized management of vacant spaces on the LIVE BOARD MARKETPLACE of both our own media and the existing signage of other companies. Ad purchases and deliveries need not be tied to a specific ad space or duration.

Feature 2
Japan’s first “impression-based” digital OOH ad network operator

Our solution allows measurements of the expected number of ad views, known as impressions, along with the delivery of ads to the target audience using the most appropriate screen and timing. By combining DOCOMO’s mobile spatial statistics with LIVE BOARD’s ad network, we can deliver ads to a target with proper timing on the go.

Feature 3
Enables advertisers to measure effectiveness of digital OOH ads in terms of ROI by utilizing DOCOMO’s data

It used to be difficult to measure the effectiveness of OOH ads. But now it can be expressed in terms of return on investment (ROI). We’re able to analyze behavioral changes encouraged for target audiences and measure the effectiveness of the ads based on logs, by combining DOCOMO’s Koko-Research data (smartphone research based on location information logs) with LIVE BOARD’s ad delivery logs and behavioral data.

Service Line Up

We offer fully automated services, from media planning, to trading inventories and ad deliveries.
Advertisers can freely set periods and flexibly designate the time of day to suit their needs.

Service 01
Maximizing exposure, reaching targets on many screens Non-targeting

This product can deliver to about 120 outdoor screens* and 480 in-train screens* located across Japan, at the time and place of your choice. LIVE BOARD MARKETPLACE allows you to advertise easily on multiple screens, and flexibly from small gross.
*As of the end of September 2020

Service 02
Hitting your target audience Demographic targeting

By utilizing DOCOMO’s location and demographic data, you can select the time of day and media that reaches large target audiences. The factors include gender and age.
Targeted delivery for specific time periods helps reduce ad waste.

Service 03
Customizing your ads’ delivery area Customized area segment

This product can customize delivery to digital signage from an outdoor vision network comprising of up to around 120 screens nationwide (as of the end of September 2020).
You can select settings, such as networks near cinema complexes in the 23 wards of Tokyo or near drugstores.
*Media can also be purchased by a frame.

Service 04
Delivering creatives in response to the real-time weather Weather targeting

This product can select and deliver different creatives, in conjunction with the weather and temperature.
LIVE BOARD provides a one-stop solution, for everything from media planning to ad delivery. That means we can also set up flexible delivery based on the environment.

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