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Notice of “LIVE BOARD Network” Research Package

Survey Package Overview

The “LIVE BOARD Network” will offer free ad effectiveness verification research for orders over 3 millionyen.
Ad effectiveness can be verified by measuring target segments’ brand awareness, attitudes, and behavioral changes after ad distribution based on specified demographics.

LIVE BOARD Network Survey Package

* INTAGE Inc.’s Koko-Research (smartphone research based on location information log) is planned to be used to conduct this research. (Reference:
* Koko-Research conducts research based on mobile phone base station location information of NTT Docomo smartphone users. Users in target areas at the right times are selected for questionnaire distribution.
* The mobile phone base station location information indicates which base station a phone is in.
Anonymized data is collected from users who have given prior consent to such information usage.

Themes that can be verified

① Contact with DOOH and other media

Visualize the relationship between DOOH and other media to verify DOOH contact, such as whether it reached a segment that other media did not.

② Comparison of attitude and behavior change between DOOH and other media

Compare DOOH communication against other media by verifying whether it results in higher product awareness, understanding, interest, and purchase intention, and whether there are synergistic effects.

③ Lift effect on target market

Verify the advantage of LIVE BOARD’s ability to distribute ads based on target segments by clarifying whether there are “lifts” in product awareness, understanding, interest, and purchase intentions in consumers targeted by a media mix that includes DOOH.

Survey item

・Service recognition
・Service measures (understanding of features / interest / intention to use)
・Behavioral change (search behavior, WOM behavior, store visit behavior, etc.)

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