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Japan’s first impression-based DOOH ad network operator

With our “Figure the Real World” slogan, Live Board’s mission is to redefine the value of the “real world” and to rapidly revitalize Japan’s underdeveloped DOOH market. We will build a DOOH* ad network together with our stakeholders and become Japan’s first impression-based DOOH ad platform.

*Digital-out-of-home (DOOH) refers to advertising media using digital signage such as transit, outdoor, and retail shop advertising.

What we do

The world’s DOOH market is growing rapidly

DOOH is growing strongly in developed markets across the globe and has become a new standard, with nearly half of all OOH* having been replaced by DOOH. In fact, DOOH has grown by more than 13.2% annually. In 2020, the overall market worth of OOH is predicted to be around $49 billion USD, with $21 billion USD coming from DOOH.

*Out-of-home advertising (OOH), also known as outdoor media, includes various types of advertising that reach consumers while they are outside their homes.

Global DOOH Advertising Market Growth Forecast

To reach $21 billion USD by 2020. Estimated 13.2% average annual growth rate.

(Unit: US$ Billion)

Source: Peter J. Solomon Company “Wall Street Research” 2016
Japan’s DOOH market is expected to grow rapidly

If conditions are met, the Japanese DOOH market can be expected to grow as quickly as the rest of the world. The percentage of DOOH within the overall OOH market is less than half of the global average in Japan. A major factor for this is the lack of a practical way to evaluate ad effectiveness for both OOH and DOOH. By overcoming this, LIVE BOARD will contribute to the rapid growth of the DOOH market in Japan.

OOH Advertising Market Forecast for Japan

Low DOOH ratio compared to other developed regions.

(Unit: US$ Billion)

Source: 2014 Dentsu Advertising Expenditure, 2015 Fuji Chimera Research Institute, Digital Signage Survey

Factors for OOH growth in Japan

1 Measurement of Effect

Why would anyone want to pay for something with unclear effectiveness? This is why OOH has been underutilized in Japan, which has led to incomplete advertising media plans. In more developed markets, OOH audience measurement guidelines have already been established.

Live Board is developing measurement technologies and creating an environment to introduce measurement of ad effectiveness to Japan in accordance with international guidelines.

Global guidelines for measuring OOH audiences have already been established overseas.

  • Cover entire OOH market
  • Committee-based consensus building
  • Scientific method
  • Quality control
  • Transparency

Compared to more developed markets, Japan’s operation of analog and digital boards is fragmented with complex transaction structures. This has hindered industry growth because it is inconvenient for brands and agencies.

Live Board promotes digitization of analog boards and creates a network with them. This makes the ad’s effectiveness visible, while simultaneously automating transactions to eliminate complexity.

In the UK, the top three companies have 87% of the market (an oligopoly), while Japan has a long-tailed market with complex transaction structures.


Where we go

1MissionRedefine the value of the “real world”

By acquiring OOH audience data using data from DOCOMO*, we will become Japan’s first DOOH network business to have impression-based sales. By showcasing a completely programmatic OOH, we will redefine the value of the “real world.”

*NTT DOCOMO is Japan’s largest telecommunications company.

2VisionBecome the world's largest DOOH AdNetwork Operator

In five years, we aim to become the world's largest DOOH AdNetwork Operator that delivers advertisements based on real-time audience data. Additionally, by becoming an urban IoT hub that aggregates data obtained from various sensors installed in DOOH, we also aim to become an incubator that creates new businesses.

3ValueHigh satisfaction for DOOH stakeholders

Advertising effect is maximized by utilizing multi-layered data from DOCOMO including location, movement, and purchase data that can cover all of Japan.


As sending and receiving real-time data becomes possible with 5G and other networks, we aim for complete automation.

Premium AdNetwork

We will build an ad network that sells ad space across a multitude of connected DOOH screens in premium locations with heavy foot traffic.

Furthermore, the OOH Audience Measurement know-how, relationship with media owners, and sales capabilities of Dentsu* will allow us to lead industry standardization in the OOH market. By utilizing DOCOMO and Dentsu’s overseas assets, global expansion is within reach.

*Dentsu is Japan’s largest advertising agency network.

President and CEO, Ichiro Jinnai. Executive Vice President, Tetsuya Ito
President and CEO Ichiro Jinnai (photo left), and Executive Vice President Tetsuya Ito (photo right)

Who we are

Company Name
Live Board, Inc.
President and CEO, Ichiro Jinnai Executive Vice President, Tetsuya Ito
7F Daiwa Aoyama Bldg., 3-1-30 Jingu-mae, Shibuya Ward, Tokyo, Japan, 150-0001
Capital 2.5 billion yen (capital reserve 2.5 billion yen)
Shareholding Ratio
NTT DOCOMO: 51% / Dentsu Group: 49%
Date of Establishment
February 1, 2019
Number of Employees
16 people
Major Business Areas
  • DOOH Advertising Distribution Platform Management
  • DOOH Advertising Media Development
  • DOOH Advertising Space Sales

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