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The only digital OOH media in Japan that measures ad effectiveness

LIVE BOARD offers the most innovative Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) advertising platform. Using NTT DOCOMO’s location information data, LIVE BOARD can provide demographic data for specific ad screens, making it possible for advertisers to better determine which ads will work for which location. This level of targeting on our connected mobile networks increases interactivity.
We are currently focused on five major cities in Japan, covering more than 80+ LIVE BOARD screens and more than 5,000 business screens, including DOCOMO stores. Additionally, LIVE BOARD services are available in 15 countries. We are continually expanding our network in Japan and elsewhere. Please contact us to learn if your target markets are now in our network.

What is digital OOH?

Digital OOH is an advertising medium that uses digital signage in venues outside the home, including public transit, billboards, and commercial facilities.

What We Do

  • Services
    Reach people where they're active - on their way to and from work, while shopping, or when engaging in leisure activities. Except that unlike conventional OOH, you can now measure your campaigns' effectiveness.
  • Measurable OOH
    LIVE BOARD is the only service provider in Japan that provides impression-based digital OOH advertisements. Innovative, measurable, effective.
    Today's consumers expect to get timely and relevant information no matter where they are. The LIVE BOARD service lets you target and deliver information to audiences on the go. We give you impression (number of viewers) data that's calculated in accordance with industry guidelines, and we then verify the effectiveness of your campaigns. Ask us about our successful implementation track record.
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