Utilize your media to make it more LIVE

LIVE BOARD is a network of digital signage. Media owners can efficiently monetize unsold ad space. Location owners can create a new revenue stream by installing signage.

The LIVE BOARD network enhances the value of digital signage and creates highly profitable boards by correctly evaluating the value of locations. Accurate media value can be continuously monitored based on impression data, making new revenue opportunities and expansion of sales channels possible without risk.

Service Concepts

Live Board’s service concepts

1Data-DrivenDOOH* to maximize the value of media

As of 2019, most outdoor media in Japan are still analog signboards. And much of the digital signage has yet to be networked, with each location cut off from the rest. Furthermore, since there are no standards for measuring ad value (such as viewing rates), outdoor media have not been highly sought after as an ad medium. By making it possible to evaluate the effectiveness of DOOH ads using measurements based on international standards, Live Board correctly evaluates the value of a board and increases its attractiveness as a medium.

*Digital-out-of-home (DOOH) refers to advertising media using digital signage such as transit, outdoor, and retail shop advertising.

2AutomatedAutomated from ad planning to delivery

Enjoy full automation of OOH advertising—from planning to ad space confirmation to purchasing. LIVE BOARD will lead in Japan by applying the best practices from countries with advanced OOH such as the UK, USA, and Australia. Automation eliminates the need for complicated manual confirmation tasks and dramatically improves operational efficiency.

*Out-of-home advertising (OOH), also known as outdoor media, includes various types of advertising that reach consumers while they are outside their homes.

3Premium AdNetworkA network to further increase the value of boards

Live Board’s Premium AdNetwork is a network of high-impression boards in great locations. This network stimulates demand for DOOH by enabling dynamic ad distribution not possible with conventional OOH. By joining our Premium AdNetwork, you can further enhance the value of your media.


LIVE BOARD’s features

LIVE BOARD provides the following benefits to media and location owners.

1Eliminate unsold ad space for existing digital signage

By offering your unsold ad space to LIVE BOARD, you can obtain actual impression data and expand new revenue opportunities without risk.

2Convert analog media to LIVE BOARD

LIVE BOARD will convert your media into digital signage and help manage ad operations.

3Install a highly profitable LIVE BOARD

If you desire a new revenue stream from digital signage on newly developed or existing properties, LIVE BOARD can assist you in installing signage and managing ad operations.

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