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  • Flexibility & Control

    Purchase any combination of indoor or outdoor OOH for any duration. The LIVE BOARD Marketplace gives you complete control of your OOH advertising in Japan, no matter who owns the signage. Purchase space and deliver ads without being tied to a specific inventory or time period.

  • On-the-Move Targeting

    The LIVE BOARD Network integrates with DOCOMO Mobile Spatial Statistics®*, etc. so your ads can be served based on your targets’ path of movement, filtered for the optimum time and display channels.

  • Measurable ROI

    We use DOCOMO Insight Marketing’s Koko-Research (smartphone research based on location information logs) to measure your digital OOH campaigns’ effectiveness. We review for demographic target behavioral changes to measure impact.


"Mobile Spatial Statistics" is a registered trademark of NTT DOCOMO, Inc. Exclusive to LIVE BOARD, Mobile Spatial Statistics makes it possible to determine movement based on age and gender.

Learn more about Mobile Spatial Statistics®

Effective, measurable OOH

Measurable OOH
  • Global Perception Advantages

    No other media allows you to take advantage of global perception biases. When you know who your targets are, where they’re located, and how they’re moving, you can tailor your creatives and know exactly when to serve them.

  • Elevated Recency Effect

    Consumers remember the last thing they see. When your ads are served where your targets are, the recency effect is elevated. It’s an effective way to promote foot traffic.

  • Measurable ROI

    Our proprietary measurement methods using DOCOMO data allows you to measure impressions (Visibility Adjusted Contact: VAC), reach, and the effectiveness of your OOH campaigns and their contribution to your advertising ROI.

Measurable OOH

Experience the LIVE BOARD Difference

There are several exclusive, unique features to our service.

  • Provides "Viewed Impression (VAC)" for a Specific Spot BasisThere are four levels of mesurement approaches below, which define the granularity of an OOH audience volume.
    LIVE BOARD provides metrics based on the level 4 granularity.
  • Audience Measurement ComplianceLIVE BOARD impression (VAC) data is calculated according to the strict guidelines of the Global OOH Audience Measurement Guidelines.
  • Ad Effectiveness VerificationWe administer surveys to target demographics post-delivery to verify brand recognition and assess behavioral changes resulting from ad viewership and impressions (VAC).
  • Proven Track RecordMore than 400 major advertisers -- local, national, and international brands -- use our services. Contact us for case studies.

Significantly higher number of screens for ad delivery

Total Screens
Impressions (VAC)
(July 2024)

Now one of the largest digital signage networks in Japan, LIVE BOARD is continually adding large screens. We currently offer 160 million ad impressions (VAC) per week.


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