Impression (VAC)*
Calculation Method

Impressions (Visibility Adjusted Contact: VAC) means the number of viewers

LIVE BOARD calculation of impressions (VAC) is compliant with
the Global OOH Audience Measurement Guidelines.

How We Calculate Impressions (VAC)

Hourly impression (VAC) calculation methods currently used by LIVE BOARD can be classified into the following A, B, and C.

"Mobile Spatial Statistics" is a registered trademark of NTT DOCOMO, Inc. Exclusive to LIVE BOARD, Mobile Spatial Statistics makes it possible to determine movement based on age and gender.

Learn more about Mobile Spatial Statistics®

[A] Mobile Spatial Statistics®, etc. and
calculation methods using location data

How We Calculate the Number of Possible Viewers.

  • STEP
    Define screen viewable area

    The area where screens are considered visible is calculated in compliance with the Global OOH Audience Measurement Guidelines.

    • Screen Size
    • Location environment that can affect viewing
  • STEP2Estimate screen traffic

    Measure traffic volume in the visible screen area by linking Mobile Spatial Statistics®, etc. and other location information and movement status of passersby.

  • STEP3Estimate potential viewers

    The number of potential viewers is estimated based on screen traffic and location characteristics.

  • STEP4Estimate actual viewers

    The number of viewers during delivery time slots are estimated based on number of potential viewers of screens and the View Ratio for each location.

  • STEP5Assign attribute data

    We use information sources such as Mobile Spatial Statistics® to assign other data attributes such as age and gender.

[B] Calculation method using Sensors data

AI cameras detect directional movement of passersby and count the number of people facing the direction of the screen within the visible area.
Other attribute data from Mobile Spatial Statistics®, etc. is added.

Global OOH Audience Measurement Guidelines

[C] Calculation method using factors such as traffic volume

If Sensors cannot be installed or regular foot traffic surveys cannot be conducted, other data such as screen traffic can be used in conjunction with estimation models utilizing Mobile Spatial Statistics®, etc.

  • STEP
  • STEP
  • STEP

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