Today's consumers expect to get timely and relevant information no matter where they are. The LIVE BOARD service lets you target and deliver information to audiences on the go. We give you impression (number of viewers) data that's calculated in accordance with industry guidelines, and we then verify the effectiveness of your campaigns. Ask us about our successful implementation track record.

Impression (Number of Viewers) Data
Calculation Method

LIVE BOARD impression (number of viewers) data is calculated in compliance with
the audience measurement guidelines of the Digital Signage Consortium.
Additionally, we use DOCOMO's Mobile Spatial Statistics®*and other location data to estimate the number of people who could have viewed your advertisements. To calculate the number of ad impressions, we conduct a separate survey of those who could have viewed your ad to arrive at a View Ratio of actual ad views.

Impression Calculation Method

How We Calculate Impressions

"Mobile Spatial Statistics" is a registered trademark of NTT DOCOMO, Inc. Exclusive to LIVE BOARD, Mobile Spatial Statistics makes it possible to determine movement based on age and gender.

Learn more about Mobile Spatial Statistics®

Ad Effectiveness Assessment

We conduct surveys post-delivery to verify brand recognition and assess behavioral changes resulting from ad viewership and impressions.

Survey Process

  • Survey reports are implemented based on DOCOMO Insight Marketing's Koko-Research service based on location information logs.
  • Based on smartphone user location information from NTT DOCOMO mobile phone base stations; Koko-Research analyses are based on surveys delivered to users in the target area at the specified time.
  • Location information from mobile phone base stations is information that indicates in which base station area a device is in use. Such information is only used in a form that ensures anonymity and is from users who have consented to the use of such information in advance. GPS location information is not used.

Survey Areas

Survey Areas Analysis Factors
Q. Brand Awareness Viewer vs Non-Viewer
Target vs Non-target
Q. Brand Recall (features/ interest / intent to use)
Q. Behavioral Changes (Search, recommendations, store visits, etc.)
  • Every phase of the survey implementation - survey items, research methods, and reporting - are standard.
  • Target screens for research will be randomly selected.
  • The number of samples will vary depending on the scale of ad distribution.
  • LIVE BOARD surveys include implementation, analysis and report delivery.
  • The final report will be delivered in PPT format.
  • Please contact a sales representative for more information.

Survey Report Metrics

  • Incremental Reach

    Today's consumers are much more mobile and expect information wherever they are. When used in conjunction with TV and online ads, LIVE BOARD expands your advertising reach into demographics no longer reachable with traditional media.

  • Media mix

    With LIVE BOARD, brand awareness can be measured against ad campaigns developed for TV and online.

  • Brand Lift by Targets

    Determine Brand Lift by analyzing brand awareness among viewers and non-viewers.

Expert Implementation

Our team has helped more than 60 advertisers use LIVE BOARD's Digital OOH.

  • Beverages
  • Food / Luxury Items
  • Cosmetics / Toiletries
  • Health Care /
    Daily Use Items
  • Home Appliances
  • Vehicles
  • Financial
  • Manufacturing
  • Real Estate
  • Internet /
    Information Services
  • Games
  • Entertainment
  • Fashion
  • Telecommunications
  • Restaurant
  • Accommodations
  • Organizations & Government
Case Studies

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