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LIVE BOARD SSP is a service tool that helps media companies (media owners) sell advertising space and increase their advertising revenue.
LIVE BOARD SSP enables expansion of sales channels to impression(Visibility Adjusted Contact: VAC)-based sales and targeted sales by linking with LIVE BOARD DSP and DSP for digital advertising.

Sales Mechanism

  • STBSTB is an abbreviation for "Set Top Box", which generally refers to an appliance device that display content such as video, text and images. They are used in cable television, satellite television, and interne TV, to display content on the television screen.
  • CMSCMS (Content Management System) is software that helps users create, manage, and modify content or images on a website without the need for specialized technical knowledge and time-consuming process such as HTML or CSS update through a console.

Advantages of Using the LIVE BOARD Marketplace

Enables impression(VAC)-based* sale of owned media

Ads can be distributed based on impressions (VAC) of people who viewed the relevant screen, rather than screen traffic counts of people who were near or passed by the relevant screen.

The Levels of the Measurement Metrics

Impression (VAC) is the number of individuals in the defined Visibility Area, facing the advertising screen whilst the advertisement is displayed, adjusted for the probability that they have looked at that ad content for time of a spot.
Which represents the number of audience for a single ad exposure. It also refers to "Audience Impression" or Visibility Adjusted Contact (VAC).

Enables targeted distribution of owned media

Using DOCOMO location data, attribute data, etc., it is possible to select time periods and media with high visibility by gender, age, and other target groups for distribution. This allows for targeted and time-focused distribution, reducing unnecessary ad placements.

Maximize revenue through LIVE BOARD

New revenue can be expected from the acquisition of distribution projects on the LIVE BOARD Network.

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