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Reach people where they're active - on their way to and from work, while shopping, or when engaging in leisure activities. Except that unlike conventional OOH, you can now measure your campaigns' effectiveness.

Two Delivery Methods

  • LIVE BOARD Network
    (scheduled ad delivery)

    Simultaneous delivery to multiple screens allows us to guarantee delivery of the number of ads agreed upon during the requested time period.

    Billing Methods Guaranteed Impressions (Visibility Adjusted Contact: VAC)*

    Ads are displayed until the target number of impressions (VAC) is achieved.

  • Programmatic Delivery

    Control ad delivery and target distribution of OOH ads via DSP.

    Available to DSPs connected to the LIVE BOARD SSP. Please contact a DSP operator for details.

    Billing Methods Impression (VAC) Billing*

    Clients are billed after an ad has been displayed for the contracted number of times.

    DSP Partners

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Impression (VAC) Calculation Method

Scheduled Ad Delivery Options via the LIVE BOARD Network

  • Maximum Screens, Maximum Exposure

    All Screens-All Targets

    Deliver your ads to your target demographics. Choose the time period and time slots across outdoor, indoor, trains, commercial facilities, and docomo Shop screens nationwide. The LIVE BOARD AdNetwork simplifies publishing multiple ads on multiple screens. Control has never been easier.

    All Screens-All Targets
  • Target by Gender & Age Groups

    Demographic Targeting

    We use DOCOMO data such as location, attributes, and more to enable clients to choose the optimum viewing times and media type to target demographics by age and gender. The ability to zero in on specific demographics and delivery times minimizes unnecessary ad deliveries.

    Demographic Targeting
  • Target by Location

    Custom Area Segmenting

    Custom Area Segmenting allows you to customize ads for delivery to screen type and location: indoor, outdoor, on the train, commercial facility, and docomo Shop screens.

    Custom Area Segmenting
  • Target for Weather and Temperature

    Weather Targeting

    Give brands a unique perspective. Create ad designs that speak to weather patterns and local temperatures, and deliver them when appropriate. The LIVE BOARD AdNetwork's flexible delivery options include environmental settings.

    Weather Targeting

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