With digital transformation, the concept of OOH has moved beyond the traditional outdoor or transit media, but refers to all digital media on the go.
LIVE BOARD offers 3 main services based on this concept.

3 services of LIVE BOARD

DOOH Advertising Distribution Platform Management

LIVE BOARD has a full stack platform which includes AdServer, SSP, and DSP to offer both Buyers and Sellers a one-stop solution for targeting, buying & selling inventories, ad deliveries and measurement capabilities.

DOOH Advertising Media Development

LIVE BOARD covers various DOOH screens nationwide.
In addition to its own digital billboards, LIVE BOARD aggregates any digital screens in different environments, such as in-trains, stations, indoors, and at retail stores.

DOOH Advertising Space Sales

Through LIVE BOARD, marketers can tap into domestic and global DOOH inventories. In Japan, especially, LIVE BOARD is one of the largest DOOH marketplace delivering 160 million weekly impressions (Visibility Adjusted Contact: VAC).


At any moment of audiences on the go
With the right digital screens
Through LIVE BOARD Marketplace

Once audiences step out from their home, they are exposed to a wide variety of ads on the go.
Through street furniture, stations, in-trains, elevators, airports, taxies and retail stores.
LIVE BOARD Marketplace offers a one-stop solution to buyers to tap into these premium DOOH inventories across Japan.

LIVE BOARD Business Flow

  • What is DSP? (Demand-Side Platform)DSP is a service used by advertisers and advertising agencies to maximize the effectiveness of their advertising by centrally managing the purchase of advertising inventory, ad distribution, and targeting of ad placement and audience. Advertisers can centrally manage and automate optimal ad distribution by submitting ad creatives with specified targets and budgets.
  • What is SSP? (Supply-Side Platform)LIVE BOARD SSP is a solution for media owners to sell their inventories to optimize and maximize ads revenue.
    LIVE BOARD SSP enables media owners to configure each inventory with floor price to find out the highest bidder and deliver the ad programmatically.

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