LIVE BOARD launches "New Standard" - technologies to measure viewed impressions (standard metrics) across all OOH environments.


LIVE BOARD, INC. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Jun Sakurai; hereinafter, "LIVE BOARD"), together with its group company NTT DOCOMO (Hereinafter, "DOCOMO") have developed technologies to measure viewed impressions of in-train digital OOH※. Whilst it has been difficult to grasp the comprehensive value of OOH ads, LIVE BOARD launches a project called "New Standard" to provide standard metrics across all OOH environments. Measuring viewed impressions for in-train digital OOH is the first outcome of the project. Effective from this April, LIVE BOARD will apply these technologies to a campaign planning using LIVE BOARD owned screens associate with transport OOH screens, such as "Tokyo Metro Vision", one of the in-train digital OOH networks owned by Metro Ad Agency.

※ An abbreviations which stands for "Out of Home". All media formats specifically intended to reach audiences outside of home such as transport ad, outdoor ad, and retail ad.


LIVE BOARD has been expanding its network by its owned and aggregating a variety of outdoor, transport and retail media including in-store digital OOH across docomo shop chains and in-train digital OOH installed in Saitama Railway. At LIVE BOARD, uses viewed impressions as standard metrics to quantitively measure the value of media, in order to provide high value-added campaign activations such as targeting capabilities based on enormous and robust DOCOMO data. LIVE BOARD believes developing technologies to measure viewed impressions across all OOH environments is the key to expand the network further, so launches this impression measurement project for in-train digital OOH. These impression measurement technologies include a precise location detection of train passengers and a gaze detection to calculate the VAI (Visibility Adjustment Index) to figure the number of individuals who are likely to notice an ad, which is the first of its kind in Japan※.

Starting from this launch of viewed impression measurement technologies, LIVE BOARD plans to develop technologies including visualizing the unique audience reach of an OOH campaign and an integrated triple-media campaign with other media channels like TV and online. Through providing these standard metrics, LIVE BOARD is able to meet advertiser's needs to understand the quantitative value of OOH media and lead the market.

◆Visions behind expanding the LIVE BOARD network

Due to COVID-19, lifestyles have significantly changed. As its nature of OOH media, where reach audiences on the go, whilst COVID-19 had tremendously impacted on the market, it can be found that the time spent for travels recovers to approximately 80% level of 2019※1 before the pandemic. According to "A travel survey by online questionnaires and group interviews" ※2 which LIVE BOARD conducted in December 2021, it can also be found the shift of means of travels. As in the past, many respondents use trains for travels though, there found scattered cases where some of respondents dare to use alternative means of travels other than trains in order to avoid infections and health promotion points of view. One example is bike sharing. In this survey, 34% of all respondents had used bike sharing services, of which 23% began to use the services after the pandemic.

※1 Source: 2019-2021, Video Research, "ACR Survey"
※2 Source: Video Research

Here are some comments highlighted from the group interviews;
•During the pandemic, use bike sharing services rather than trains. (Female, 40s)
•I used to use a train for a travel with a few stops distance, but now use a bicycle. (Female, 20s)
•I use bike sharing services when I back to the office from my clients. (Male, 20s) 
It can be seen how bike sharing services are replacing means of travels that would use trains.

OOH is known as an effective channel that capture moments closer to the timing of purchases - "Recency Effects" ※ best describes the example of outcomes. With limited time spent in outside, it should be mandatory to comprehensively capture every moment of audiences on the go when it comes to an OOH media planning. This is exactly what LIVE BOARD is aiming for, and the reason why LIVE BOARD expands the network with aggregating any formats of screens across all OOH environments, in order to provide integrated planning opportunities with a variety of media.

※ Refers to the effect on purchasing intent for audiences who have contacted an OOH ad just before the purchase.

◆Media Details

LIVE BOARD:9 major cities across the nation (Tokyo, Hokkaido, Miyagi, Kanagawa, Chiba, Saitama, Aichi, Osaka and Fukuoka) with 77 digital screens.



A digital OOH ad network operator achieving data driven targeting and effectiveness verification

LIVE BOARD is the first company in Japan to achieve impression-based advertisement delivery in OOH. We deploy advertisement delivery and billing systems in accordance with actual conditions that are based on the estimated number of viewers "at that time, in that place, and for that specific ad," even during the COVID-19 pandemic, when the patterns of movement of people are prone to change. In addition, by combining big data from Japan's largest carriers with our proprietary network that comprises a wide range of digital OOH throughout Japan, including outdoor, indoor, train, and station OOH ads, we have enabled the delivery of personalized ads such as targeting by gender and age, which was not feasible with conventional OOH.



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