The Japanese edition of "GLOBAL OOH AUDIENCE MEASUREMENT GUIDELINES" is published by the Digital Signage Consortium


Since its founding in 2019, LIVE BOARD, INC. has been working to develop and support the measurement of OOH advertising as a member of the Digital Signage Consortium, in order to activate and cultivate the DOOH market.

On October 6, 2022, the Digital Signage Consortium issued the Japanese version of the New Global OOH Audience Measurement Guidelines issued by the World Out of Home Organization (WOO), the only global OOH industry organization in the world. In response to this, we would like to reaffirm that LIVE BOARD will continue working in order to expand and promote awareness of measurement of OOH in general, and support the construction of measurement on a par with TV and digital media.

- Our role in the issuance of the Japanese version

·Formulated and discussed WOO global guidelines as the only participating WOO member from Japan 
·Cooperated in the translation of the Japanese version by the Digital Signage Consortium

In addition, LIVE BOARD will continue to comply with the WOO throughout our distribution screens, and develop distribution, reach and frequency indicators based on impressions (the number of ad viewers). 

Reference (1): LIVE BOARD initiatives
Reference (2): Reasons for being selected ~ Summary of guidelines ~

- Comment from Jun Sakurai, President and CEO

These revised global guidelines developed by WOO build on the previous guidelines by incorporating content that meets the needs of the times, such as advances in digitalization and changes in the flow of people. Advertisers around the world have raised awareness about the importance of measurement in cross media environments, thus these guidelines incorporate new standards based on visibility. I believe that providing metrics measured on the basis of transparent and reliable data will contribute to the development of the OOH industry. We will continue to respect the guidelines on measurements advocated by WOO and DSC. I am sincerely grateful to all DSC member companies for their help in creating the Japanese version of the New Global OOH Audience Measurement Guidelines. 

Digital Signage Consortium:
New Global OOH Audience Measurement Guidelines- Japanese Version



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