Brand Lift Up to 50% Compared to Advertisement Non-Viewers According to Log Analysis

Collaboration with PORTO to Verify the Effectiveness of Digital Signage Advertising in Increasing App Installation Rates


LIVE BOARD, INC. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Jun Sakurai; hereinafter, "LIVE BOARD") and PORTO Inc. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Hiroki Yoshida), a group company of CARTA HOLDINGS, Inc. that operates the PORTO integrated marketing platform ( have performed an analysis of the delivery of digital signage advertising using "docomo data squareTM*1" and confirmed the effectiveness of advertising at the log level using a data clean room*2. PORTO and LIVE BOARD will continue to strive to create new value for OOH advertising and support the marketing activities for companies.

*1 docomo data square is a registered trademark of NTT DOCOMO, INC. It is a large-scale data base that protects the privacy of consumers while supporting corporate marketing activities.
*2 The data clean room provided by NTT DOCOMO. It enables analysis using data from roughly 72 million d POINT CLUB members that have given prior permission.

◆Advertising campaign and analysis overview

Advertiser:Premium Platform Japan, Inc.
Advertised content: Paravi:
Advertising period:July 18 to July 25, 2022
Analysis period:July 18 to July 28, 2022
Analysis content:Compared Paravi app download rates and launch rates between advertisement viewers and advertisement 
Analysis scope:99,488 advertisement viewers, 99,488 advertisement non-viewers

・Comment from Tsutomu Ono, Promotion Bureau Chief, Premium Platform Japan, Inc.

Until now, the effectiveness study of advertising on digital signage and other OOH media has been limited to inferring reach or performing brand lift studies, etc., and visualizing the results of advertising has been a challenge. We have defined app installation and launch, the main objectives of our advertising, as our KGI, and it was very useful to be able to perform analysis from various perspectives using a data clean room. We were especially interested in the ability to perform analyses specifically focused on dormant users and to perform advertising content-specific and signage area-specific analysis.
We are not going to let our emotions soar or plummet based on each individual result, but instead we hope to establish a base line by performing multiple analyses based on current results, and to apply the PDCA cycle based on the results of area-specific and advertising content-specific analyses.

◆Log-level analysis by docomo data squareTM

Analysis was performed by using DOCOMO's location information, etc., and actual activity logs (app download and launch).


◆Comparison of Paravi app download rates between advertisement viewers and advertisement non-viewers

For advertisement viewers as a whole, the app download rates rose by 10% compared to advertisement non-viewers. For men, the target demographic, the app download rates rose by 15%.


◆App download rates within the target (men) by age

For men in their 50s who viewed ads, the app download rate rose by 50% compared to advertisement non-viewers.
For men in their 20s, however, advertisement exposure did not appear to provide any lift.


◆App download rates among dormant male users in their 20s

For dormant users, app download rates rose by 38% due to advertisement exposure.


◆Comparison of app launch rates between advertisement viewers and advertisement non-viewers

Comparing app launch rates among existing Paravi users on per-frequency usage basis, for the mid-level user bracket, which launches the app roughly once per month, advertising exposure was shown to lift app launch rates.


◆Comparison of app download rates by advertisement distribution area

Digital signage advertising coverage was divided into "Kanto area" and "Areas other than Kanto," and analysis was performed for each. Download rates were found to have increased as a result of advertisement exposure in both areas, but this increase was especially large in areas other than the Kanto.




PORTO is an integrated marketing platform that enables brand advertisers focused on branding to run advertising at ease. It offers PORTO Premium audio and PORTO Premium DOOH, etc., which are available for programmatic audio advertising while using the same format as offline radio advertisements. This unparalleled integrated marketing platform can be used to centrally measure, manage, and distribute advertising in diverse formats, both online and offline, including audio, in-stream, DOOH, and premium display advertising.



A digital OOH ad network operator achieving data driven targeting and effectiveness verification

LIVE BOARD is the first company in Japan to achieve impression-based advertisement delivery in OOH. We deploy advertisement delivery and billing systems in accordance with actual conditions that are based on the estimated number of viewers "at that time, in that place, and for that specific ad," even during the COVID-19 pandemic, when the patterns of movement of people are prone to change. In addition, by combining big data from Japan's largest carriers with our proprietary network that comprises a wide range of digital OOH throughout Japan, including outdoor, indoor, train, and station OOH ads, we have enabled the delivery of personalized ads such as targeting by gender and age, which was not feasible with conventional OOH.



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