OOH Industry Trend Forecast for 2024 The New Era of OOH! Reach and Scale ~Maximizing advertising effectiveness through the triple media of TV, digital and OOH

LIVE BOARD,INC. is a member of the World OOH Organization, a global OOH industry organization . In addition, it is a working member of the Digital Signage Consortium (DSC) in Japan, in order to revitalize the OOH market in Japan and to establish objective and fair measurement standards for advertisers as well as outdoor and transportation media companies. In Japan, as a working member of the Digital Signage Consortium, LIVE BOARD,INC. is working on the standardization of industry measurement. Based on these activities, it has produced the "OOH Industry Trend Forecast for 2024" from the perspectives of (1) data, (2) creativity, and (3) media, based on the latest trends overseas, mainly in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia, as well as domestic surveys and press materials.

-Trends at home and abroad

In 2024, in addition to the Summer Olympic Games  to be held in Paris in July, the U.S. presidential election will be held at the end of the year and is also attracting attention. 
In Japan, in addition to the full recovery from the COVID-19 Pandemic, inbound tourism from overseas is increasing due to the ongoing depreciation of the Yen. Urban centers and tourist destinations in various regions are becoming increasingly active. In addition, technology continues to develop through further innovations such as artificial intelligence, 5G communications, and cloud services, and companies and organizations are increasingly digitizing their operations, providing services online and utilizing digital software. Remote work and flexible work styles are becoming more common, and this is expected to lead to more effective utilization of human resources beyond regional constraints.

-Trends in the OOH industry

In addition to the increase in impact media utilizing large digital signage, advances in technology have improved the flexibility of ad delivery. With the introduction of data-driven advertising and programmatic digital out of home (DOOH), it has become possible to optimize real-time targeting and advertising effectiveness. In addition, ad creative has become more diverse and storytelling more important, with an increasing number of ads that are not only visually appealing, but also stand out with creative that is environmentally relevant. In line with these trends, measurement of advertising effectiveness (visualization of evaluation) by means of measurement will become more important in the future. In addition, environmentally friendly initiatives are progressing in advanced OOH countries overseas, and the importance of sustainable activities, such as improving energy efficiency, is being emphasized. As a result of these changes, OOH advertising is evolving into a form that is both effective and focused on the next generation.

▼OOH Trend Forecast for 2024

A New Era of OOH! Reach and Scale 
- Maximizing Advertising Effectiveness with TV, Digital, and OOH Triple Media

The traditional OOH model has been updated in line with the shift to DX, and the combination of TV, digital, and OOH triple media has evolved into a medium that can provide reach in addition to impact, and we foresee the dawn of an era in which advertising effectiveness will be maximized. This integration of different media is expected to create new possibilities in advertising strategies and deliver more effective messages to viewers. The main reason for this evolution is the improved targeting accuracy, which will allow ads to be delivered to specific demographic and geographic segments, enabling effective campaign optimization. Increased flexibility and efficiency will allow advertisers to respond to market changes in real time and improve cost efficiency. Furthermore, the increase in data-driven advertising is expected to enhance collaboration with a variety of digital advertisements, resulting in more effective data-driven campaigns.

1) Data


- Toward the unification of audience measurement

This will be a year of increased discussion in the OOH and advertising industries regarding the provision of impressions (VAC)* that take visibility into account as an OOH industry standard. With the acceleration of efforts on common themes in the traffic and outdoor industry associations, OOH will continue to evolve into a medium that makes planning easier for advertisers and advertising companies.

* LIVE BOARD uses impressions that take into account the visibility rate based on visibility surveys (VAC = Visibility Adjusted Contact / total number of people who saw the ad), as recommended in the OOH Global Measurement Guidelines. Of the number of people in the viewing area of a medium (OTS = Opportunity to See), the number of people who may come into contact with an OOH ad (OTC = Opportunity to Contact / takes into account the direction of movement within the viewing area and the presence of obstacles) is defined. The number of people who are likely to actually see the advertisement (VAC) is estimated by adding the visibility rate for each media to this number.

- Reevaluating the Value of OOH Advertising

The role of OOH in communicating with consumers is beginning to be reevaluated from a new perspective. This will be a year in which the unique role of OOH, which TV and digital media do not have, will be reevaluated at each of the stages of awareness, interest, consideration, and the funnel. In addition, data will visualize and re-evaluate the value of OOH in terms of publicity and credibility, as well as in creating chance encounters that are difficult to achieve with 1-to-1 media.

- Acceleration of Programmatic DOOH

Following the announcement of MASTRUM and T-Track last year, OOH media companies will begin to accelerate their efforts to develop platform concepts. On the other hand, advertisers and advertising companies are converging on two or three major platforms that are supported by a desire for integration rather than complexity. In addition, within programmatic DOOH, there will be a clear difference in services, from automation of regular buying to real -time delivery using data.

2) Creative


- Creative that takes advantage of the size of OOH

Creative that takes advantage of the huge displays and unique shapes of OOH ads is expected to increase. This will lead to an increase in advertisements that provide a unique narrative and visual experience while making a strong impression on the viewer (audience). As a result, approaches that take advantage of the unique scale and placement of OOH advertising, such as architectural structures and large displays, will become more important.

- Creative Generation with AI

With the advancement of artificial intelligence (AI) technology, it is predicted that by 2024, AI will be used more in ad production to automatically and effectively generate creative. AI is expected to learn from large amounts of data, analyze viewer reactions and trends, and generate optimal advertising content based on this analysis.

- The Rise of Data Utilization and Interactive Creative Methods

Data utilization (1st party data, 3rd party data, etc.) will become more important, and personalized creative based on viewers' behavioral data and environmental data will increase. At the same time, it is expected that interactive elements will be emphasized and methods will be introduced to facilitate participation of viewers in advertisements. This will promote interactive communication with viewers and improve the effectiveness of advertisements.

3) Media


- Further proliferation of large-size signage

Following the global trend, after 2022, outdoor and station large-scale signage, especially 3D LED signage, will spread mainly in Tokyo, with several being developed in Osaka in 2023. 2024 will see the spread not only to Tokyo and Osaka, but also to other urban centers, and with that, the outdoor and station digital OOH market will continue to expand.

- Retail Media

The installation of in-store signage by each distribution company will continue to expand greatly over the next year. However, since there are so many distribution companies in the Japanese market, a platform that unites them will be necessary. Furthermore, as its penetration continues to grow, it is expected to take in more and more advertising money, rather than sales promotion money. As a result, advertisers will be asked to visualize the relationship between incentives to enter stores from inside or outside the home and in-store purchasing behavior, in addition to the extent to which advertising contributed to purchases.

- Expansion of environmentally friendly (CO2 reduction) digital OOH

The introduction of renewable energy and advances in energy-saving technologies are expected to improve the energy efficiency of digital signage, while at the same time increasing the use of recyclable materials. In order to minimize environmental impact, emphasis is expected to be placed on the selection of digital out of home (DOOH) locations and the efficient use of energy, and these efforts are expected to promote CO2 reduction.

LIVE BOARD is proud to be a pioneer in the domestic OOH industry and will make every effort to provide useful information for advertisers, including research and verification, in order to revitalize the industry.



A digital OOH ad network operator achieving data driven targeting and effectiveness verification

LIVE BOARD is the first company in Japan to achieve impression-based (VAC) advertisement delivery in OOH. We deploy advertisement delivery and billing systems in accordance with actual conditions that are based on the estimated number of viewers "at that time, in that place, and for that specific ad," even during the COVID-19 pandemic, when people's movement patterns are prone to change. In addition, by combining big data from Japan's largest carriers with our own network, which includes a wide range of digital OOH across Japan, including outdoor, indoor, train, and station OOH ads, we have been able to deliver personalized ads, such as targeting by gender and age, that was not possible with traditional OOH.



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