LIVE BOARD signs "TEAM JAPAN Official Supportership Agreement (DOOH information provision service)" with the Japanese Olympic Committee.


LIVE BOARD,INC has concluded a "TEAM JAPAN Official Supportership Agreement (DOOH information provision service)" with the Japanese Olympic Committee. 

By becoming an official supporter of TEAM JAPAN, LIVE BOARD will not only broadcast the heroic performances of the Japanese national team at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games through our nationwide DOOH screen network, but will also actively promote and build momentum for various sports in Japan and abroad so that we can contribute to the creation of a prosperous society through the value of sports.

<Outline of the contract>

1. contract program: TEAM JAPAN Official Supportership  (DOOH information provision service)
2. contract period: Until December 31, 2024
3. subject of rights utilization: TEAM JAPAN, Japanese national team
*Following is the list of International Games in which the Japanese national team is scheduled to participate.
The 33rd Olympic Games (2024/Paris)
4. area : Japan


Comment from Jun Sakurai, President and Representative Director of LIVE BOARD

"LIVE BOARD believes that the passion for victory, the virtue of teamwork, and the indomitable spirit of sporting events inspire everyone who watches them, and we have been supporting a wide variety of sports. We are honored to have signed the TEAM JAPAN Official Supportership Agreement, which will allow us to bring the success of Japan's leading athletes to sports fans nationwide through our company's DOOH Screens. All of us at Live Board are committed to supporting TEAM JAPAN and will work together with you to build momentum for the team in all future endeavors based on the Paris 2024 Olympic Games."

Comments by Yuko Mitsuya, Vice President of the Japanese Olympic Committee

We are very pleased to announce the signing of an official TEAM JAPAN Supportership agreement with LIVE BOARD,INC. ahead of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.
LIVE BOARD has been supporting the world of sports, including soccer and rugby, and has been widely communicating the passion and excitement of sports through advanced digital Out of Home advertising.
As an official supporter of TEAM JAPAN, we hope that LIVE BOARD will help us build momentum for the Paris 2024 Games, and together we will work to provide the success of TEAM JAPAN and bright sports-related topics on street corners across Japan through LIVE BOARD's digital Out of Home advertising media. We are looking forward to your cooperation.



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