LIVE BOARD wins "Grand Prix" for Technical Innovation at the World Out of Home Organization(WOO) Awards 2024!


LIVE BOARD, Inc. is pleased to announce that their award entry "Can you conversation with the memories of the city?"(Talking Building / Advertiser: Tokyo Biennale) won the Grand Prix in the Technical Innovation category of the World Out of Home Organization (WOO) Awards 2024, an international association for OOH.
The final presentations by the three finalists were held at the venue in Hong Kong, and the Grand Prix was awarded as a result of voting by approximately 500 visitors.

*Reference WOO Awards 2024 Finalist Selection (LinkedIn) , WOO Awards 2024 Grand Prize winner in the Technical Innovation Awards category (LinkedIn)

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◆About the winning campaign (Talking Building)


At the international art festival "Tokyo Biennale 2023" held from September 23 (Sat) to November 5 (Sun), 2023, Tokyo Biennale and LIVE BOARD collaborated to hold an unprecedented interactive art event, "Talking Building," utilizing LIVE BOARD's outdoor vision in Tokyo to talk to buildings.

"Talking Building" is an interactive art event in which windows and walls of the Naganoya Building in Shinjuku, Tokyo, appear like faces on the outdoor screens owned by 'LIVE BOARD,' and when pedestrians speak into the microphone installed on the street, they are told about the history of the nearby city.
The Naganoya Building has a long history, having witnessed the history of the city since 1915, during which time it experienced the Great Kanto Earthquake in 1923 and a major air raid in the 1940s. In order to revive the forgotten memories of Tokyo, with fewer and fewer people knowing about those days, we thought of transforming this long-established building into a work of art and having the building tell its history. We thought that the memory of this history lies in a large-scale language model, and we considered using ChatGPT for the conversation of the "Talking Building". This was a groundbreaking challenge , to enable people to become at one with the building and have real-world conversations with it, powered by AI.
This event was part of the "Not Lost Tokyo" project, one of the linkages of the Tokyo Biennale. "Not Lost Tokyo" was an attempt to connect Tokyo's fading memories and landscapes to the next generation through various methods such as words, photographs, 3D models, and AI.



Movies:"Can you conversation with the memories of the city?"(Talking Building)

◆Related Companies

Advertiser: Tokyo Biennale
Advertising Company: DENTSU,Inc
Media Company: LIVE BOARD, Inc.
Programmatic digital out of home (DOOH) technology platform: Hivestack by Perion

◆What is Tokyo Biennale?

Tokyo Biennale is an international art festival held once every two years in the city of Tokyo. It is an art festival that brings together artists and creators from a wide range of genres from Japan and abroad, deeply immerses itself in the city, and builds up together with the local residents.

◆What is The World Out of Home Organization?

The World Out of Home Organization is the only global OOH association dedicated to promoting and improving the OOH industry on behalf of its members.



A digital OOH ad network operator achieving data driven targeting and effectiveness verification

LIVE BOARD is the first company in Japan to achieve impression-based (VAC) advertisement delivery in OOH. We deploy advertisement delivery and billing systems in accordance with actual conditions that are based on the estimated number of viewers "at that time, in that place, and for that specific ad," even during the COVID-19 pandemic, when people's movement patterns are prone to change. In addition, by combining big data from Japan's largest carriers with our own network, which includes a wide range of digital OOH across Japan, including outdoor, indoor, train, and station OOH ads, we have been able to deliver personalized ads, such as targeting by gender and age, that was not possible with traditional OOH.



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